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About Knol

Since its beginning in 1969 Knol UK Ltd has become a recognised and leading provider of the finest range of professional and industrial dry steam cleaning equipment, developing and supplying environmentally friendly steam cleaning solutions to numerous different market sectors for both single and multiple applications along with overcoming complex cleaning tasks.

This is also coupled with a valuable and considerable experience in this market over many years, and has been achieved from general cleaning, sanitation, to heavy duty cleaning and de-greasing.

We also offer an unrivalled range of standard and bespoke steam cleaning equipment, capable of tackling the toughest and most difficult cleaning tasks with confidence.

We also have and sell a comprehensive range of chemicals from general purpose cleaning, to sophisticated and specialist products including a wide range of graffiti removers.

Knol are a solutions provider within the cleaning industry based in the UK, Ireland and throughout Europe.

Providing Steam Cleaning Equipment Chesterfield and more.

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Knol UK, Speedwell Industrial Estate, Staveley, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, S43 3JN, United Kingdom

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