Knol UK commercial steam cleaning equipment, solve cleaning problems throughout all sectors. Our machines are designed to effectively remove waste both indoors and outdoors.

Our Steam Cleaners are perfect to quickly clean and sanitise inanimate objects or surfaces. Steam has been shown to be highly effective when cleaning mold, bacteria, viruses and other forms of hygiene waste.

It is light weight and has reduced dimensions, making it easier to manoeuvre whilst still providing unequalled, thorough, deep cleaning wherever and whenever it is required.

Knol UK steam cleaners are perfect for any environment that requires practical, easy to handle tools.
For example: schools, shopping centres, swimming pools, gyms, hotels, B&Bs, saunas, spa, Turkish baths etc.

Knol UK supply a wide variety of steam cleaning equipment. We can help you choose the right equipment for the right job, taking care not to damage the surface or object being cleaned.

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Looking for something more heavy duty? Check out our  industrial range of steam cleaners 

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