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The Knol range of Pulse Electric Steam Cleaning machines are powerful, economical and hygienic. Due to the lack of excess water, CO2 emissions and exhaust fumes, the Pulse machines are environmentally friendly and can be used in small, enclosed spaces, where sufficient ventilation isn’t available.

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Pulse Range Technical Specifications

Steam pressure: 9 bar
Steam temperature : 180 °C
Voltage: 380/400V T
Max power: 9200W
Steam output: 13 kg/h
Water tank capacity: 30L
Detergent tank capacity: 10L
Detergent temperature: 90-125 °C
Weight: 55kg

The Pulse Steam Cleaning machines are powerful, yet silent, making them perfect for public applications.

Our steam cleaners can be used in various settings including:

• Health and Pharmaceutical
• Swimming Pools & Gyms
• Car washing & Detailing
• Hotels, Residential Homes, Schools, Nurseries
• Food and Beverage Sector
• Industrial Machinery Maintenance & Cleaning
• Graffiti & Stain Removal

And many more!

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