K10.04.01  KAV 15 on Chassis With Anti-Static Castors
Mobility: 4×75 mm Conductive Heavy Duty Castor
Dimensions: 430x380x380 mm
Weight (Kg): 6.5

K10.06.01  KAV 18 on Stainless Steel Caddy With Anti-Static Wheels & Castors
Mobility: 2×75 mm Conductive heavy Duty Castors & 2×200 mm Conductive wheels on a Heavy Duty Tubular stainless Steel Caddy (Canister detachable from Caddy).
Dimensions: 895x410x420mm
Weight (Kg): 11.5

1st Stage Disposable Microfibre Bag
2nd Stage Anti-Static (Conductive) Cloth Filter

Cleaning range from Air Point: 16 Metres/52 Feet

All models are supplied with a certificate of earth path continuity, a 5 metre conductive air supply hose, a 38mm conductive hose and toolkit. All models are also supplied with 5 disposable microfibre bags.

Note: It is the end user’s responsibility to ensure and maintain a good earth bond at the compressed air connection point.