With our unique boiler supplying 26.4 litres of dry saturated steam per hour at up to 10 bar of pressure, the Galaxy industrial steam cleaner is “state of the art”.  Additionally our unique 4 level electronic regulation gives you quality wet steam or detergent injection for even quicker and more efficient clearing, wherever dry steam just isn’t enough.

The GALAXY is particularly well suited to specific target deep clearing applications that require the highest levels of hygiene, reliability and flexibility of application!

A mobile cleaning and sanitising solution capable of delivering wet or dry vapour steam on demand in both static and continuous applications.

Technical features:

Maximum Pressure: 10 bar
Maximum Temperature: 180°c
Max.Steam Output Dry: 26,4 lt/hour – 440gr/min
Max Steam Output Wet: 36 lt/hour –600gr/min
Water Tank Volume: 40lt Stainless Steel
Electric Heating Power: 18/20.000 Watt
Boiler Volume: 9 lt
Voltage: 400/415 V~ 50 Hz
Boiler material: Stainless AISI304
Size L x W x H cm: 104 x 70 x 110
Net Weight: 85/94 kg
Dry Steam Regulation: Manual 0 – 440gr/min
Wet Steam Regulation: 4 Levels approx. 40/80/120/160 gr/min
Detergent Function: 4 Levels approx. 40/80/120/160 gr/min
Detergent Tank Volume: 2 x 5lt PET Canisters
Continuous Feeding Inlet: Yes – 3/4” BSP QR
Vacuum(optional): 1200 W

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