The Jupiter Plus is built for continuous use with a detergent or chemical additive being injected into the steam at a low dosage volume of approximately 25 – 30 gr/m. This allows for around 3-4 hours of non stop work before refilling the water tank canister and 7-8 hours before refilling the detergent canister. The long hose gives you great reach and not having to activate chemical injection each time you need it makes work so much easier and less tiring.

The injection of chemical is activated or deactivated directly on the grip and works only in conjunction with the steam activation switch. So work with steam only if you want or more effectively with added detergent.  The low quantity of injected chemical makes the Jupiter Plus both ecological and economical.

Also it removes grease and oil even more rapidly than with steam only!

Technical Features:
Maximum Pressure: 8BAR
Maximum Temperature: 170°C
Water Tank Volume: 10lt. External canister
Electric Heating Power: 2600 WATT
Voltage: 230V~ 50/60 Hz
Dimensions LxWxH: cm 56x35x93
Weight: 20kg
Steam Output Regulation NO
Detergent Tank Volume:10lt. EXTERNAL CANISTER
Continuous Low Dosage Detergent Mode: YES
(approx. 25-30gr/m)
Standard Hose: 6m Length (8m optional)
Vacuum/steam accessories kit for Jupiter Plus