Hand Held Pistol AirVac with 32 mm anti-static crevice tool and 32 x 70 mm anti-static dusting brush

A rugged die-cast aluminium trigger operated air vacuum gun. Can be used in many industries for the removal of almost any debris*, including glass, swarf, metal chippings, plastic particles, dust and powder. For fine dust or large volumes of debris the cloth bag can be replaced with a range of different size canisters and filtration systems.

This vacuum cleaner is suitable for use as a Cat 3 in Gas Zone 2 and Dust Zone 22.

Due to its construction and its Anti Static (Conductive) air supply hose, any static build up can be dissipated. However it is the user’s responsibility to ensure and maintain a good earth bond at the compressed air connection point.

*Not suitable for dusts hazardous to health.