Part Number       Voltage
K12.01.01                  230V
K12.01.03                 110V

Mobility: 4 x 75 mm conductive castors and conductive plastic chassis (All models have a locking/braked castor).
Dimensions: 830x440x440 mm
Weight (kg): 21.2
Capacity Litres: 20L
Cleaning range: 28 Metres all models
Power: 110/230v / 50/60Hz

1st Stage Microfiber disposable bag with sealing cap
2nd Stage Conductive fabric filter assembly
3rd Stage Oversized, metal cased, HEPA absolute filter

110V      1050w Max  /  900w Mean
230V     1150w Max  /  1000w Mean

110V  Max Airflow 56Ltr/Sec             Max Vacuum 2,100mm/WG
230V  Max Airflow 59Ltr/Sec             Max Vacuum 2,300mm/WG


ATEX CATEGORY 3 Dust Zone 22   II 3 D c Ex tD A22 IP6X T100°C Ta = 0°C to +30°C