The Kerstar  KV 460 is a  twin motor upright vacuum cleaner, built to be versatile in use, reliable in service and easy to maintain. Designed to clean efficiently almost any type of floor surface from hard floors to carpets. This has been achieved by the use of a brush only roller driven by a dedicated motor through a non slip toothed drive belt. The lift out stretch hose, wand and cleaning tools enable these models to perform suction vacuum cleaning, a task only previously possible with canister vacuum cleaners.

Suitable for use in shops, offices, schools, restaurants, hotels, public buildings, contract cleaning and local authorities.

Capacity Litres: 6L

Dimension: 1170x460x260 mm

Weight(Kg): 10.5

Cleaning Range: 22 Metres 72 Feet

Vac Motor: 800w/230v/50Hz

Brush Motor: 150w/230v/50Hz

Max Airflow 28 Litre/Sec
Max Vacuum 1500mm