The Supervap 9 KW is a heavy duty industrial 3-phase machine with a 4.5 litre boiler generating sufficient vapour steam at 400v~ for most industrial cleaning and sanitising applications. Dry or wet saturated steam of 180°C delivered at up to 10BAR of pressure will make light work of even the most stubborn grease, dirt, bio-film etc…, while being completely environmentally friendly!

With steam, it’s Litres per hour versus Litres per minute, compared to the alternative cleaning technologies in use. The Supervap offers quality wet and dry steam on demand instead of sheer quantities of water and chemical. A Vacuum facility optionally available for quick clean-up of slip and fall surfaces, walls, glass, and most flat surfaces. Ideal for many food plant applications. Save on water, chemical and most importantly reduce costly waste!

Technical Features:

Maximum Pressure: 10BAR
Maximum Temperature: 180°C
Water Tank Volume: 20lt. Stainless Steel Internal
Electric Heating Power: 9.000 Watt
Boiler volume: 4.5lt.
Heating up time: 5 minutes
Voltage: 400V~ 50Hz
Boiler material Stainless Steel AISI 304
Size L x W x H: cm 88 x 60 x 110
Net Weight: 63kg
Dry Steam Regulation: Manual 0 – max.
Wet Steam Regulation: 4 Electronically Regulated Levels
Detergent Function: 4 Electronically Regulated Levels
Detergent Tank Volume: 2 x 5lt. Canister
Vacuum: Optional Function
Vacuum Power: 1200 Watt
Vacuum Container Volume: 20lt.
Continuous Feeding Inlet: YES – 3/4″ BSP QR
Length Power Cord: 10 meter

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