View our Range of Steam Generators

The Astra range at Knol UK, are run from either a 12v, 240v or 415v battery and supply and heat the water with the use of an oil fired burner (diesel). This means that much more quantity of steam is produced in the boiler, meaning 2 operators can use the machine at the same time. The steam production is high and can be used as wet or dry steam, therefore suited to larger surface cleaning. Our machines are easy to use and are fitted with a user friendly control panel and display.

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Please see individual machines for the technical specifications, as each vary.

The Astra Hybrid range from Knol UK are ideal for car wash applications, where the steam can sanitise interiors & the cold water pressure washer can be used for exteriors, especially when removing heavy duty dirt, mud, grime and oil.

These machines are not limited to just car washing, they perform equally as great in other applications, including:

  • Graffiti and Stain Removal
  • Construction
  • Weed Removal
  • Machinery Maintenance
  • Chewing Gum Removal
  • Restaurants
  • Food and Beverage Industries
  • Health and Pharmaceutical

And many more!